Who We Are? 1 (The Noblest Task)

Feeling bored? Get prepared for a grand task.  A task which you will love. A task which humans love.

What’s the task that humans love a lot? Have you ever had this question?

What’s the task that humans love a lot?

Take few minutes to think.

While we were children we used to be curious. Curious to know. Curious to know mechanisms behind our surrounding. We were curious and daring enough to investigate the mystery we saw all around us. We were curious. Our curiosity promoted investigation.

Human being in full circle is a curios being. Curiosity to see tomorrow made him human. He was curious and daring enough to explore the world around him. Curiosity itself is not a task but a quality. What task will curiosity lead to?

Investigation. Curiosity leads to investigation.

He was curious. He was daring enough to act on his curiosity. He utilized his maximum physical and mental ability to investigate what he was curious about. When his ability restrained him, he invented. He invented external aids to enhance his investigation. He thus became Human.

Human investigation forever instigates extrinsic. We spot error in others prior to us. We set up our childhood thoroughly investigating the fresh planet around and its peculiar phenomena. We attempt to discover answers by hearing the explanations for phenomena from elders those who have experienced of. Then we raise questions. When our radius extends further we hear new explanations, which cause constant conflict and settlement inside us. We analyze carefully the new stream of ideas into our lives. We employ our considerations in it. We make assumptions if we don’t know or like or understand the explanation provided. The cycle continues. Thus we build the self with investigation. Thus we are in continuous form of learning throughout our life by investigating.

Take some time and understand the passage above. This is what we love doing though may feel a bit tough to read.

Although investigation begins extrinsic, it probes both in and out. It builds ‘self-in’ with our own ethics, values, assumptions, and attitudes etc keenly investigating out. Also in reverse by inward investigation like imagining and thinking it builds ‘world-out’.

This is the noblest task. Scientifically ‘Investigation’, Philosophically ‘Search’.

Investigation is the task following every pace of human life. Science and Philosophies are just outcome of human investigation.

Human started investigating his surroundings and himself from the very beginning day he was known human. He correlated all his investigations (hearings, understandings, observations, assumptions, conclusions etc) and gave theories. Philosophy was born thus. Those who gave theories after investigating were called philosophers.

Philosophical theories have no bounds. They work on approval and disapproval of group of philosophers. When one’s investigations are in phase with other investigators they are approved, otherwise disapproved. Approved doesn’t mean that theory is True and disproved doesn’t mean that theory is untrue. Approved and Disapproved on the pretext of others, that’s what it mean, not concerning truth. The theories rejected may be understood by forthcoming generations and may be approved later. Time do played a crucial role in theories.

Then, Philosophy got advanced in time. Philosophy investigated investigation’s nature and devised certain criteria for investigations and turned Science. Simply, science is a well formalized investigation. Science became science by investigating investigations. The word ‘investigating investigations’ is a solid word which needs separate article to explain. Please take enough time here and investigate yourself the sentence ‘Investigating Investigations’. Every discipline emerged from philosophy including science. And philosophy ultimately from the task of Investigating.

In our times we are witnessing vast division between Arts and Science, though both being emerged from Philosophy. We have discussed already the need for fusion between Arts and Science in essay ‘A Split and A Splice’.

In the beginning I told we are going to do a task, what’s that?

We are going to Investigate. What are we going to investigate?

We are going to investigate the beings which investigate. We are going to investigate ourselves.

‘Who are we? ‘. This is the objective.

It is hypothetical question for which numerous thinkers of the past had tried to give an answer.

With advancement in Philosophy we are trying to investigate this question. Not scarcely in strict scientific manner but also in Humanistic manner.

Our objective is one, ‘to study human beings in holistic manner’. We are going to investigate human beings of Past and Present irrespective of region. We are going to investigate humans in all frames of time and space.

Our objective is singular to study ourselves. So, no matter which method we choose to investigate. We would choose any method that suits our investigation irrespective of its scientific or humanistic origin. We will feel no shame to enter any field which talks about us. Either it is History or Psychology or Medicine or Zoology or Economics or Politics or Engineering or Physics or any other known or unknown discipline. We feel no shame to take our share from them.

Our objective is this, ‘to study ourselves’. If there’s an approach to reach our goal in other disciplines we will follow. If not we will alternate it or invent a new approach.

If Humanistic approach seems more humanistic let us soak it in scientific bath. If scientific approach seems more scientific let us soak it in humanistic bath. We will make a more scientific humanistic discipline and more humanistic scientific discipline.

But keep in mind that this investigation is harder than we think. The path for this investigation is not at all trodden. It merely has an uneven trail here and there. We need to climb on rocks, hang on ropes, clear routes to reach the destination. We need to leave a well-connected trail for the forthcoming generation to trod roads. We need to find a way to Balance Humanities with Science, Right with the Left, Creativity with Radicalism, East with West, Good with Bad. It’s possible. Believe.

Are you ready for this investigation, to investigate the being which investigates?

Anthropology begins.

(To be continued)

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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