Who Are We? 2 (The Dual Dimension)

Investigation of Human Beings.

Title seems great. How to investigate? We have comprehended an outline of the investigation and its necessity in last article. Now, how to investigate?

I’ll come straight to the point. Human beings have a unique quality which no animal possesses. It’s completely unique. The dual nature. The dual nature of human beings is that unique tendency. This is dual nature of human being to act in dimension of Physical and Cultural frames as two separate being. Human Being is combination of Physical and Cultural dimension of being.

Can we relate dual nature of human being to hardware and software in computer language? Since, Physical Dimension of human to hardware as they could be observed vividly and software to Cultural Dimension as they can only be felt not seen. Can we relate?

No we can’t. The Physical and Cultural being are the apt terms to describe human dimensions. The terms ‘Hardware’ and ‘Software’ may be synonymous with ‘Physical’ and ‘Mental’ dimensions. Not with ‘Physical’ and ‘Cultural’ dimension. Animals do have the duality of Physical and Mental dimensions. In physical dimension human is merely another animal but mentally he is not. Mentally he forms a new array of species. He has unique quality which clearly differentiates him from other animals. We call that higher mental dimension of human being as ‘Culture’.

The term ‘Cultural Dimension’ is specific only with humans as animals don’t possess culture. Read ‘Do animals have culture?’ to settle for a conclusion.

So, human exists in two dimensions, Physical and Cultural. And both these entities highly depend upon each other and are not independent. Both have their influence over each other to certain extent. Humans change their Cultural Dimension in accordance with their Physical Dimension and vice versa. We will discuss later how they’re interdependent. For now let us surf Physical and Cultural Dimension.

Physical Dimension of Human Being includes his body and all other physical products which are fashioned by him. And Cultural dimension includes all his exclusive mental dimension and its products.

Ok. Let us turn to investigation again.

How to investigate Man?

Investigate his Physical and Cultural Dimension.

How to investigate his Physical and Cultural Dimension?

Well.  Consider that we are given a task scientifically to investigate you. How shall we investigate? First we shall investigate your Physical Dimension and Cultural Dimension.

We shall investigate your physical dimension by measuring your anatomy or by scientifically observing your external and internal physical features or probing more advanced with your DNA etc.

So we can scientifically investigate your Physical Dimension and arrive at a decision that you’re measuring 6 feet in height 67 kilograms in weight, you are dark skinned, with a prominent forehead and sleek hair. Internally your bone marrow is 70 centimeters long. Your blood group being O positive. You have diabetes. By exploring your genes we may determine that diabetes or arthritis was common with your forefathers too. Thus we can make a conclusion with our investigation on your Physical Dimension.

Similarly, we can investigate your Cultural Dimension by devoting some time to be with you or by psychological observation, questionnaires and investigations etc.

With our investigation of your Cultural Dimension we can draw up supposition that you are an Atheist, with optimistic values. Your interest ranges extremely from flirting to reading. You’re philanthropist. Accordingly we can settle with your values, behavior, tastes, interest, beliefs, etc.

So, with our investigations we can conclude your whole being as Human. Simple that’s it.

Now let us take another case. Consider that you’re interested in reviving your grandfather’s life. You’re interested in investigating your Grandfather who is not alive now.

How will you investigate this case? The person who is not alive. Let me spin the story.

You are enquiring about Grandfather to your dad, mom and other persons whomever you feel related to him. Then with assistance of them you are gathering information about your Grandfather’s Physical (his height, weight, appearance, diseases etc.) and Cultural Dimension (profession, interests, beliefs, values, behavior etc.). Now you have grouped firsthand information about your Grandfather which may or may not be true. To eliminate falsehood from truth you are switching your investigation, Scientific. You are now searching for scientific evidences and proofs to aid the firsthand information.

You are observing skeleton of your grandfather digging up his grave. You’ve now proofs and evidences to support his anatomical descriptions. You’re analyzing DNA remains from his bone and you’re collecting scientific information as possible as. You’re reconstructing your grandfather’s physical dimension accordingly.

And what about Cultural Dimension?

What your grandfather was interested in? What was his values and beliefs? How he behaved?

The persons whom you enquired for your firsthand information might provide answers according to their views on him. As your grandfather must have exhibited different sides of his persona to different people, so it will surely vary. If we appeal for a conclusion simply with firsthand data, it will never be scientific. And we can’t use the same scientific investigation method used for proving physical dimension. And ultimately it will be sensible idea to leave your grandfather’s skeleton to rest in peace rather than questioning it about its culture.

What shall we do then?

Remember, the interrelation between Physical and Cultural Dimension. So, third we can make an investigation on this point. We need to find a loop hole to construct Cultural Dimension with available Physical products.

Now, you’re getting some physical products from your dad which your grandfather had used. Collection has some diaries and material products. By decoding your grandfather’s diary you’ll get to know his specific Cultural Dimension with authenticity. And by analyzing the left material products you can assume their function and can relate them to your Grandfather’s cultural dimension.

So, assumption also plays a great role in scientific investigation. Cultural dimension can never be more radical or empirical as physical dimension, but it works also on established assumptions, theories and other advanced scientific research methods.

After all this, we will be able to reconstruct your grandfather’s life to certain promising degree.

Now we shall take a new task. Investigate life of the first human?

Before going further in, first we must know the importance of knowing ‘who we are?’ and why it’s necessary to know ourselves? What will be the hope for investigating ourselves? Is it necessary to investigate past human? Why?

Investigation will endure.

(To be continued)

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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