Peculiar yet Promising

Why we need to study Anthropology?

Before stumbling upon our question, let us first recognize the necessity for study. What’s objective of study, any study?

We study to become aware of. We become aware of ourselves and our surroundings since the time we were born, through rigorous study. The study which starts naïve attains a mature, formulated state with age. Through Trial and Error we apply our study and learn from it continuously. This is how we could understand study in humblest style.

We don’t study to score high marks. We don’t study to get a good job. We don’t study to earn money. The study of gathering money is well known as ‘Business’. We simply study to become aware of. Place and Possession are mere attachments for this process of becoming aware of. That’s it. We study to become aware of.

Why to study Anthropology?

Anthropology. The science of human beings in all frames of time and space. We hold adequate primer to the subject. Nevertheless, most of us don’t know its importance.

If we had been aware of the need to study Anthropology we would have certainly not asked this question before. Will anyone dare to ask why to study Physics? Why to study a Language? Why to study Math?

Will anyone attempt to ask such question? Never. Why?

They know very well about their objective. They clearly know the objective behind Physics, Language or Mathematics. We ask why to study Anthropology since we are ignorant of its objective. Or we consider its importance to be trifle.

Here, I give a statement. ‘The need to study Anthropology holds more importance than any other discipline and it essentials to be studied right from the foundation of formulated education slope’

Anthropology is an attempt of Human to understand himself. It’s just like all philosophies but differs by its scientific approach. There it lies with a solution which we humans face. Most problems in our society arise due to misunderstanding. Here, the point is that Anthropology is subject which needs to be familiarized in primary level. Like Languages, Mathematics and other sciences anthropology is the discipline which fulfills potentials essential to be announced at kindergarten level. Children must be educated to understand themselves and those around, beforehand entering something further.

A child grows assimilating culture and conduct by inquiring surrounding. That is from the Culture a child starts its learning process with or without consciousness.

It is culture by which a child is given identity. It is culture by which a child is bounded within a society. It is culture by which a child is segmented inside its society. It is culture by which a child develops its behavior and conduct. Culture is vital.

Behavior or Mental set up of a child is chastely cultural and merely individualistic. A strong evidence to this point can be provided from the current course change of Psychology into Socio-Cultural approach from its earlier Psychodynamic, Cognitive schools. Psychology which studied behavior of Human Being which was Individualistic in the past had taken an Anthropologic approach of studying an Individual as a part or a reflection of a society or a culture. In present day situation the borders between social sciences have successfully been collapsed into the vastness of Anthropology. And Anthropology maintains its unique tendency of being borderless.

So, culture holds a great deal in existence of Human Beings. In other words Human Beings are the active medium for the culture to enact. By studying culture we study the active part of Human Being. By learning culture we shall become aware of the conscious and unconscious beings of Human.

Simply, before we teach science to understand numbers and alphabets, we need to teach them to understand who they are. Why others are different. While submerging the children into a culture we must make them to understand what it is and get accustomed to cultures of others.

All great personalities had achieved their status only by self-questioning their existence. It is more important to understand oneself than the surrounding. The study of Anthropology will do magic. It will solve every problem that arises in society of Mankind due to misperception between various institutes of culture. It breaks the border. Unites Human under their diverse term. Peculiar yet promising.

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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