Dare to Dream

If there is one word which could bring about solid changes, I swear that it would be ‘Dream’. There are a bunch of sayings and quotes from lives of great men describing the greatness of Dreams. The world we are living today is sole result of the dreams of those great men of the past. In other words we can say that today’s world is the result of dreams of the past. Many people will accept this easily. They have handful evidence for this. The leap will be tremendous when we compare the lives of cavemen who feared Moon to the metal hooded men who landed on the Moon. The moon is same, yet man had evolved.

The problem for the world is not in accepting the dreamers of the past. But in accepting dreamers of real time. There seems to be more intolerance towards the dreamers of a population’s present. That’s the reason why there is only a countable number of dreamers. Dreamers are named Rebels and Misfits as steve jobs address. This is the problem. Dreamers can’t accept the world they are living in. They question. They demand reason. They rebel everything around them. They misfit the space provided. The dreamers can only be of such sort. Without the rebel tendency nobody could dare to dream. They dream dream and dream while the rest spend their time settling themselves into a scenario, believing themselves as a byproduct of that. Dreamers, dream for better future. They search for light. Thus they all become dreamers. The dreamers of high quality.

Do you know the power of dreams? OK. Let us first define the term dream. Dream denotes a state of experience which involves every sense, making every voluntary subjects involuntary. Thus making an experience which we feel as mere assumption and not reality. This is dream. This stage occurs when we are awake and when we are deep asleep. Some of the dreams never imprint on our memory, they just vanish as soap bubble. But not every dreams. Some dreams are even voluntary. They can be triggered through voluntary process. By thinking. By thinking about a stuff more and more crossing the boundary of reality infected senses we can make our thoughts a dream. Every dream becomes involuntary after crossing a limit. They disturb us occurring (occasionally) then and there interpreting our thoughts. They probe us towards them. Knowing or unknowing.

Everybody dream. But not everybody are successful in achieving it. Why?

It’s with one’s following. Following their dreams. Pursuing their dreams. In pursuit of passion lies the answer. Pursuing makes the difference in acquiring and losing dreams. Many never listen to their inner selves. They fail to follow instincts. That’s the difference.

The population being busy in task to explore the outer world has forgiven the task of exploring the inner world. By outer and inner world I mean outside and inside of our bodies.

The exploration of one’s inner self can answer many questions which even outer world can’t answer. Man is a whole universe himself. Indian inner science teaches. Man must project himself down inside to learn something which remains hidden. The voice of inner self will be heard as whispers which are pretty easy to be left unheard.

The dreams can only be made reality by listening to this inner voice. This instinct. This voice shall act as guide. The dreamers are always listeners. They listen to their inner voice. Whatever may be the cost they just listen. They just keep on listening. They never bother about their surrounding world. they spend their time in pursuing the words of their inner voice. They spend their time, space and soul in it. Thus their dreams are made real one day. Thus they succeed. Thus dreams of the future make reality in present.

Dream may be a small word. But they hold a greater extent of meaning. Though we tend to follow it, actually we are not.

What are necessities of a dreamer? As we said before the tendency to take firm decisions is the foremost requirement of being dreamer. A dreamer must be ready to take risks. Even that risk may risk his life in place. He must be ready. For everything. For every consequences. Rest of the qualities will come in as this first quality is procured. We can’t teach a man to dream.

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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