Gujarat Records 4 (The Modi Sarkar)

Let us cease here the linear format of narration. Let us be parallel. In this article we are gonna concentrate on special issues in particular. The Modi Sarkar (Government of Modi).

In train, Rahul inquired about my views on Narendra Modi. And I noted late that these Gujaratis never conclude their conversation without having modi in it. Modi has become breathe I think. Personally, till now I’m not a admirer of Modi. I always put myself in position of a critic. The truth must be revealed though it may go against your view. It may not comfort. But it’s necessary. And the ethics.

Ok, let me tell. Rahul was from Rajkot area. He told modi is being praised by the folks all along the south and central Gujarat. He added that Modi’s magic has ever reached Rajkot yet. He cited many of Arundati Roy’s artcles on Modi and false growth distortion of his government. And to my surprise Rahul was the one and only Gujarati to criticize Modi through my trip. I was not blessed enough to see another until my return though I was eager to listen to such.

And my RAC partner never opened his mouth on this issue. He knew well that I’m Muslim, that too from Tamilnadu. He might have made up his mind in accordance to the Tamil politics.

And, Shaheeda spoke me openly about Modi. She told that Industries had taken giant leap after Modi’s governance. But she was not all aware and I do felt shy to ask deliberately about this issue. I got my courage to question public openly, only after getting set inside Ahmedabad. I saw many active constructions throughout Gujarat as the train probed. In contrary to the plots hoisting colorful flags in Tamilnadu, Gujarat had apartments emerging all around which they call societies. There was plenty of Industrial and infrastructural projects running. All these concretes are the progress which most Gujartis refer to. But only a few see the dead agricultural lands buried at their foot. I was sure in witnessing that the Agriculture was at its downfall all the Gujarat.

After getting into Gujarat, I got ready to receive my friend who arrives there through a domestic flight. I got inside a auto rickshaw whose driver was a Muslim. I inquired him about Modi. He answered from heart ‘Modi, sabse acche aadmi hai’ that Modi is very Good person. And my next question was about ‘2002 Riots’ and Position of Muslims there. He told that 2002 riots was felt only in outskirts and not in City. He threw light on the fact that was the last riot to burst between Hindus and Muslims in Gujarat. And modi had taken full control, watching to that there arise no calamity again.

I thought that he is uttering those words out being afraid. In tamilnadu Modi is has two image portrait. Two. Both being extreme. On image depicts him as a auspicious being who has been incarnated to take India to the path of Glory even in absance of two wings and halo. And other, the mostly used portrait depicts him as a Mass Murder, Death Merchant and representative of Evil. Angel vs Demon. This is the position for Modi in Tamilnadu and few other Indian States. But my paint scattered as the days passed through.

My hotel proprietor when I checked in asked me whether I’m Muslim. I nodded. When I entered he was performing his daily puja to idols. I thought myself that there exists some sort of second class citizen attitude towards Muslims as I felt so the situation. To my dismay, he came near me and gave Islamic Hug and greeted me to hotel. He told me that above all we are brothers. I never expected this. In my next Gujarat record we shall discuss the religious harmony in detail leaving for now this space for Politics.

Ahmed of Ahmedabad was notable one. He drove me from Jama Masjid to Gandhi’s Sabarmathi Ashram. He was also an auto driver and his father was from Vellore, Tamilnadu. He told that his father was married in Gujarat. He added that there are a handful of his relatives living in Tamilnadu. He gave me his aunt’s number who was living in Madurai and asked me to be in contact with him as possible as.

And regarding Gandhi. Gujarati’s have their heart towards Gandhi but still they praise Patel the most. Sang Parivar has made this with ease in degrading Gandhi. One can see Patel’s statue each turns and bends. Modi’s announcement on erecting statue for Vallabhai Patel is ultimate evidence in this.

Ahmed told everything in detail. He explained Gujarat before and after Modi in detail. He told modi is well fit for being Chief Minister of Gujarat. And doubted ‘Modi for Prime Minister’ will how successful be.

Yeah, that’s truth. Tamilnadu is far far better when compared with Gujarat. TN seems like Emirates when Gujarat still stands like Bangladesh. Nothing is sure to believe blindly that Modi will change everything upside down if he assigns PM position. Whole India is not Gujarat. He needs to tune himself ready to take such great responsibilities. It’s not at all wise to take Gujarat as Model for entire India. I’m not here to say that he will not, but to say that it is necessary to be successful. Else, he will be dumped like others.

After that I met many people. Simple People. The masses. The people of lower and middle class. The public opinion was well inclined towards Modi. Even when I returned I met Muslims and Hindus from western part of Gujarat. They do were in positive towards Modi.

Who am I to decide when his own flock praises him? I like seeing people happy. If a ruler is really keeping his people happy, its charm. May be Ruler might have no proper vision on future. Future. Yeah future. Vision is in hands of future. We can’t gamble with the ‘future’ card which is still built on uncertainty. And a word to politicians ‘Don’t Play with us. We are simple humans all above. Beware of the power of Simplicity’.

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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