Gujarat Records 1

You can realize the difficulty being Muslim, only being Muslim. To experience this difficulty you need not to be a practicing Muslim. Bearing Muslim name is well enough.

What the difficulty it is?

It is something beyond words. It need senses to realize. We need to stitch some heart to the words to realize. That’s why I told you need to be.

I was waiting in passport office along the crowd. A friendship bloomed between me and a brother seated nearby as time passed. We were discussing things. Suddenly he asked for my name and I told. The expressions changed instantly. And again it became normal. Note this here. The expressions changed instantly and was restored. You’ll know later in this series why I’m emphasizing this sentence.

With certain degree of hesitation he inquired me why I’m in need of passport. I told that why must I don’t need passport? Am I not eligible to retain one?. He replied that he was asking just to know whether I have any plan to fly and work abroad like him. I told no.

Then he asked me instantly that will I receive red passport in place of official blue passport? The idea of red passport was totally weird to me. I’ve never heard it before.

Red Indian Passport. I started inquiring further. He explained me that Governments across globe are issuing red passport for Muslims to differentiate them from masses. Red Meaning danger. I made him clear that there is nothing like that and the red passport is purely fictional element.

How will you feel if you are in such situation?

It’s just a sample. There are numerous incidents which give such feelings daily. Media had gained something. They had succeeded in making the masses to look Muslims strangely who were living nearby in harmony for years.

At that time I planned to visit Ahmadabad for delivering a presentation along my friend. Whats the link between Ahmadabad and Being Muslim?

There are many.

This journey is going to take me through the lands affected by 2002 Gujarat riots. It’s gonna make me hear the voices witnessed riot. It’s gonna show me the true state there. I’m gonna witness the BJP’s PM candidate Modi’s rein. I’m gonna be through the intoxicant free zone. I’m gonna roam in the sands of Gandhi. I’m gonna study the tolerance.

I’m gonna be the record. Gujarat Records. Yet to come.

(To be Continued)

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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