Djinns of Delhi 2

‘Baba wali Pillar’ which stands near entrance is considered to be the pillar of residence of chief djinn of kotla. Pillar had acquired oily smoke black texture due to burning incense decorated with unruly flower garlands and pinned up letters. Yes, letters.

People write letters to djinns asking for relief from ailments. And many assure that these djinns are powerful and they do really help them in relief. The letters are predominately written in Hindi and Urdu. I just went traversing across the baba wali pillar towards the palace ruins. The letters demanded wellness from some incurable diseases, asked wealth and better progeny.

There were masses standing in neat queue to get a little portion of biryani offered in the name of the kotla Djinns. It is also said that it’s obligatory to have a hand in it. The ruins remained colorful due to families, Children playing, Teens seeking and Elders relaxing. These people had no intention to letter djinns. They had no pursuit. They may not consider their pursuit great. They were stable without disturbance of chasing the world. They knew well or not yet aware of the world. They were at peace, easing. The air was silent along the central palace ruins.

I entered pyramidal structures through steps leading downstairs from a platform raised up to the level of ground. The moment I entered inside, there was loud chattering noise followed by by incense smoke of rose and apparition of a lady with loosen hair encircling a room duly occupied with lit up candles. The smell of rose remained me of funerals. Indians use excess rose petals during marriage and funerals. As I attend funerals often when compared with marriages, the aroma remained me death. I goose bumped. The lady looked deep into my eyes which I tend to avoid. The gaze stroke my soul cold and shivering. I became stunned, involuntary. I left that area immediately for fresh air to vaporize the terror caused.Inside southern rooms there were candles and incense burning alongside pinned up letters and flowers. Individuals removed their footwear before entering each room and returned back without turning their back to those walls on which they believed Djinns reside. The degree of haunt and negative aura grew as I neared the Cells of Pyramidal structures.I took path southwards. There I found earthen vessels filled with thick Milk poured up to rim having fatty terror looking cats on their range ready to straw down. It’s exclaimed that Djinns of Kotla love milk and sweets, so that they don’t even leave a trace of it the next day. I got this mystery revealed on the first sight of seeing those Cats.

Well polished Sand Stone pillar appearing metallic, positions itself erect on the top of a ruined cell complex similar to pyramid of cells bearing engravings of Ashokan code. This stone is said to be brought from Punjab through River Yamuna. And the pillar do had no chance to escape. It has also been worshiped all along. To save pillar becoming perfect black body, kotla management has fenced it around.Pyramidal Structure had numerous cells attributed to Djinns. One can easily spot the rank of Djinns in accordance with the smoke, crowd and lights they bear. This was real solely haunted structure in the whole complex. And adjacent to pyramid is located the Ashokan Pillar complex.

Let the fence be. What the hell shall befall?

Here a sports takes place. People compete to touch this stone. Those with long arms manage to touch the stone while others sit before it praying with long face. There are two sections of inscriptions in the stone. Lower part with inscriptions in Sanskrit. Upper part with some unrecognized script. Yes, it remains officially unrecognized.

I came down hearing call for Magrib prayer from the Masjid within the complex, which was active irrespective of the ruins around. The crowd dispersed soon after the dusk prayer carrying back empty vessels, cricket bats and balls, floor spreads, gratification and yearning to return back. Twilight took hold again.


Baba Pakurdheen A

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