Djinns of Delhi 1

Stomach was at it’s max while leaving Nizamuddin to Feroz Shah kotla. The aroma of saffron in classical mughal biryani was still smelling deep inside. It was around 5 PM, when I got inside the ruins of the feroz shah kotla fort. Having ‘Khuni Darwaza’ at vision I entered the main Gate of the fort which was thoroughly guarded by armed Indian soldiers as the fort falls under care of Archaeological Survey of India.

From the main road, I was able to sense something odd is going there on. We came prepared hearing that the kotla fort is known for its haunted values. Especially by the beings of fumeless fire, the Djinns.

Muslims believe that God created man from Clay, Angels from Light and Djinns from fume-less Fire. Angels obey God willingly while Man and Djinns posses free will. They both may or may not obey. It’s up to them. Human beings, since made of Clay have property of clay having solid shape and structure. Instead Djinns, beings of fire posses all tendency of  fire. They can fly and take new forms. It’s believed that Djinns live for longer span than Man and they do have certain supernatural powers. As this longer span and powers show Djinns as Immortal beings in the eyes of Man, he falls in the trap of them worshiping.

Those who feel hard to understand the above passage are highly advised either to skip it and consider Djinns as beings such as Ghosts or Aliens else to have research on their own.

I heard that every Thursday evenings people used to gather here with offerings and demands to Djinns irrespective of their religion in kotla fort. To witness it and to get voluntarily haunted by Djinns I went there.

Kotla complex was built by Emperor Feroz Shah who succeeded famous Mohammed bin Tughlaq of Tughlaq Dynasty of Delhi Sultanate in 14th century CE. I prefer not to confuse you with dates and timelines as they are readily available throughout web. It was built as the city of Tughlaqabad ran out of water resources and was named Feroz Shahbad. Unlike his extremely genius presuccesor, feroz never shifted capital north and south twice. Never took great leap by issuing coins on cheap metals. Instead, he did many reforms and reconstructions to restore the ruins gifted from the former over educated ruler. This is the reason why some historians compare him with ‘Akbar’

Today’s Kotla complex includes Jami Masjid, Pyramid of Cells, Ashokan Pillar and Baoli alongside the great palace ruins.

The first things to attract attention inside the complex were Eagles. Throughout Old Delhi one can see amazing spectacle of Pigeons and Doves all around. They fly everywhere in battalions ready to smack grain offerings. Here to the dismay of one, you shall found a flock and flock of Eagles encircling and hovering above head with staring eyes and hooked beaks. The haunting journey begins this way.
(To be Continued)

Baba Pakurdheen A

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