Bless or Curse?

Classes began as usual with Quantum Physics that morning draining all the charisma with its super magnetic math language. After one and a half hours of lecture there came peace. In such totally exhausted time the English professor entered the classroom with a notice.

‘Is there anybody intent to scribe write for our department students?’

‘What in heavens this means’, I thought myself and raised my hands above expressing interest.

‘Okay. It will be for a girl. No problem?’, her face had a question on seeing me.

‘Any problem so? Madam’

‘Nothing continue to our department’

I went straight to English Department. A senior professor stood there ready to take me in. It was a classroom turned examination hall. About 20 post graduates were giving their written test. He pointed me a girl and asked to proceed towards her.  I stepped towards that tiny nervous figure whose mouth was muttering something.

‘Hi’ my coarse-to-be voice interrupted her inward mumble.

‘Hi’. Voice was squeaky. Must have been unexpected. In a minute’s quarter she adjusted herself in, positioning me to take a seat alongside.

It was totally weird for me to sit that much close with a stranger. ‘What I’m supposed to do here? May I know?’ I asked in a bit high pitch which grabbed everyone’s attention for which she whispered in a low voice to be seated first. I sat.

‘You will pen down whatever I say in this answer sheet’

‘But why? You seem completely normal. Hands are fit enough to scribble’

‘But eyes are not’. There was an unyielding smile on her face.

‘Okay’ I had no words aftermath.

‘Sorry’ she expressed.


‘Being rude to you?’

‘Rude? You? I was rude actually.’

‘Anyways sorry’

‘It will be mine then’ I voiced her not to be worried. And requested her to dictate. She was struggling to articulate sentences in English. I recommended her to say the excerpt of each answer in Tamil so that I will give a write-up adding my flavors. She agreed. Leaving me to do my work, she was observing me so meticulously with gazes which made me feel highly uncomfortable. I established from her behavior that she had partial vision which allowed her to have blurred view.

‘What you are observing on me?’ I questioned writing by the way.

‘Nothing’ she turned other side. After few minutes she took pace asking me where I’m from. I answered her. Then I came to know that she was an orphan brought up in a Christian orphanage since birth. I could not figure out why she is trying to speak ample with a stranger. I had countless questions to enquire but my nature dismissed itself letting no further.

‘Read the next question’ she asked me noticing that I’ve completed my task.

‘Summarize the play Dr. Faustus’

‘Aha. One of my favorite plays. Do you know anything about this play?’


‘Have you ever heard about Christopher Marlow?’

‘Never before’

‘Do you believe in Ghosts?’

‘Absolutely not. But.’ I paused a moment and continued. ‘But still I believe human beings are not alone’

‘Not alone. What do you mean?’

‘Yeah. I believe there must be other types of beings with unimaginable traits’, I told her hesitantly.

‘Like aliens’


‘You believe in aliens?’

‘I believe that surely there must be other forms of life.’

‘It’s your own belief?’

‘Yeah built on Science’

‘Science. Science rejects Ghosts’

‘Sure. Science rejects Ghosts. Human becoming ghost is not a valid theory to hold’

‘Then how aliens?’

‘Today science is entering a different course reconsidering philosophical approaches once from which it got divorced’

‘I can’t get you clearly’

‘Even I don’t have hope that I could reach you clearly’

‘Science believes in aliens?’

‘Science doesn’t reject aliens’

‘Confusing it is’

‘Complexity will always be accounted for confusion’

‘Don’t confuse me further’

‘Leave me here then. Surely it will be identical to confusion’

‘Could you say me in precise, easy-to-understand manner?’

‘Okay I will try then’

‘You know anything about Standard Model Theory?’


‘Okay. May I ask you what Science is?’

‘No. I could not say in words though I know’

‘Okay. How science is different from arts?’

‘Arts are not rigid I think’

‘Yeah. Art has no rigidity. Everybody are free to say whatever they think but not science’

‘May be’

‘Science has a framework. Whatever you say is accepted only when it is verifiable. Got it?’

‘A bit’

‘If you are saying there are ghosts your statement must be verifiable’


‘Have you seen a Ghost?’

‘No but felt’

‘That feeling of ‘felt’ must be verifiable’

‘Verifiable in the sense?’

‘I must also feel it in the condition which you felt it’

‘It is not possible’

‘So it is not scientific’

‘How then aliens could be felt?’

‘Nobody claims that they have felt aliens. If they say it will be discarded for its invalidity. But scientists believe that it is possible. By the advent of New Physics the scientific approach has taken a great change in its course.’

‘What’s that New Physics’

‘Physics after Standard Model’

‘Standard Model?’

‘Okay. What every matter is made of?’

‘In the sense?’

‘Atoms right’

‘Yeah. Every object is made up of atoms. Atoms are further divided into protons, neutrons and electrons’

‘Great. Protons are held by nuclear force. And electrons by electromagnetic force. Right?’

‘Yeah and planets by Gravitational force’

‘Great. Standard Model is a theory where neutrons, protons and even the fundamental forces of nature are further divided into more basic entities’


‘Quarks, leptons, Bosons etc’

‘Ok. Here gravity is not a force. It’s field whose basic constituent is called Higgs Boson. This Higgs boson forms a Higgs field in totality. The particle gains mass when they react with this field’

‘Confusing still’

‘Yeah, that’s the reason why I resisted in the beginning. I like to say that. Science is not whole. It is still under construction. It still has questions to be answered.’

‘Then why do we need it?’

‘Without science chaos will be the result. Each will have a theory on their own for every phenomena. Science is a path which helps mankind to make an acceptable platform’


‘Ok. Let us complete the exam’

‘Ok. What is parallel universe theory?’ a question came from the back. I turned back, got shocked on seeing examiner, the senior professor stood there, emitting the question. We had forgotten that it is examination hall indulging deep into the conversation. After completing the exam I answered the eager professor’s query. He was glad.

‘Can I ask you something’ professor said.

‘Yes. you may sir’

‘Do you always speak like this?’

‘Like this? Meaning?’

‘Like this. Getting hard into the topic’

‘Yes. Most of the time.’

‘Even with girls?’

‘Yeah. I never discern with genders’

‘Any Girlfriends?’


‘Never you will’

Bless or Curse?

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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