A Split and A Splice

A Split and a Splice.

‘Why does Education bothers us a lot? Does our Education system yearns for a Change?’

I know that everybody must have at-least had this question once in their Life.

It has become second largest question right after our question on our existence. Almost its similar with it. From the ancient, human beings have questioned their existence. A inner voice had appeared repeatedly rising the question on our Existence.

But, most of the population had suppressed it naming crazy. Most, by the sense almost 99% of us, don’t even pay attention to that inner voice. We name it crazy part of our conscience or satanic whispers or infatuation or with some other terms which suits our taste and belief. The same inner voice constantly makes question on everything. It’s curious to know. Most fail to understand that the inner-voice is curious part of ourselves, curious part of our existence.


All Religions, Philosophies, Theories, Inventions and other creative ventures of this mankind had come alive only because of those who pay attention to this inner-voice.

Except some question like existence, survival etc others are duly personal quests and changes with Individuals. These universal inner questions which most of the human population hosts are called Universal Quests.

The attempt to understand the Universal Quest of ‘Who am I?’ let the world to form Religions, Theories and Philosophies. In the same way Universal Quest to find solution to some existing problem invented something in-turn. To this date we have a range of Universal Quests and their Seekers. Not everyone are seekers. They suffice themselves with what they have. World is pleasant, any idea that disturb this pleasantness is tagged rebellious. But the world we are living was once mere ideas in  the rebellious minds.

Let us come to the focus. ‘Do we need a change in our Education system?’

“Why? Everything is in order. Today’s Education is great. Why the hell we need to change it. Take birth , Have an Education, Bury the Dreams (It’s OK if with the stream), Chase the Scores, Enter the stream, You are Secure now, Then Die peacefully.”

Yup. Is this your answer wait a minute.

Here we fail in describing the Security. We define our-self to be secured with some jobs that help us to earn a living. We are chasing security out of insecurity. This is life. We dwell for a living ultimately when our life itself run towards death. How come we shall live secured and settled when life itself is insecure, unsettled.

The money aimed pursuit has a good definition named Business than Education. Education cannot be built on a secure money aimed platform. It’s highly drudge and insecure. Even business is highly insecure though it may have pursuit of Money. Every Universal Noble Pursuits has extreme Insecure platform. That’s the point I like to engrave here.

Earning money with Education was a 20th century innovation. This new innovation tried to cook a recipe on Education to result in Social Security and Knowledge. But the outcome was horrible. Knowledge was sacrificed to rend security. In other words, Knowledge was molded into some shape and was shown as Ultra Modern Knowledge. People were convinced to accepted this mold as knowledge by repeated infusion. And institutes manufactured hi-end educational products for the market with young minds as the raw material. People felt the safeness it gave and started calling it the ‘Real Knowledge’. The old fashioned true knowledge was now the ‘Rebel Knowledge’ or even ‘Rebel Garbage’.

But to note here. Though naming the dung as ‘Real Knowledge’ be the collective behavior of the population. Still many had this Universal Question ‘Is this really Knowledge?’. Shit reveals itself, that’s the fact.

Every product of so called ‘Real Education’ had, has and will have doubts regarding its authenticity. But not everyone will set their life in pursuit of finding the truth. They don’t want to rebel the mainstream with such suspicions. Yeah, its ‘Real Knowledge’ they surge again with the stream.

Is it really possible to seek Knowledge earning both Knowledge and Money?

Seeking knowledge will earn knowledge not money. Seeking money earns Money. Seeking Independence earns Independence. Seeking X earns X. Seeking Y earns Y. Anything that comes additional to our seek will be mere and negligible. When some one says seeking X brings Y, its false. Seeking Money out of Knowledge will be mere or null. That’s false knowledge.

Unfortunately we live a splitted world of Science and Art. The split took place between 400 to 500 years ago when the field of Knowledge expanded vastly. The scientists and technicians live a life focusing on ‘How’ of the stuffs ignoring the Visuals while the Artists have their appearance vision devoid of the phenomena behind. There needs to be a renaissance between Art and Science is necessary for a fulfilled environment. There needs to be perfect match between the Left and the Right brains. Those who handle to establish the medial maintenance had always flown out with colors. That’s the reason why we admire the works of Da Vinci, Einstein and other prominent personalities. The fuse of Art and Science will be the rounded knowledge in fact and the way future must pave its way on. And this why we felt focused on our Primary and Secondary Schooling which had a well balanced curriculum of Art and Knowledge. And this is why we feel bored and suspicious with the single field focused Higher Secondary and University. Focusing on single field must come on Maturity. Maturity is highly Individualistic and no single group can devise it universally.

This is the problem with our system, we don’t allow them to get Matured. What we need now.

A split and a splice.

A splice with Arts and Science and a split in Social Security and Knowledge. That’s it. That’s what what I feel after five years of being Dropout seeking a solution for current education system. But it’s not easy to do this. We require a revolution. A great revolution.

The mix of Social Security with Knowledge is the root cause. In the recorded American, European, Indian, Islamic and other golden ages this fact is well been established. Scholars of those ages lead a life seeking Knowledge by aiding themselves social security with some trades and business. We need to train our children on this basis. To seek knowledge with earning for life. Two professions required, to seek knowledge with one and to earn a living with other. This will be the solution.

For a golden age we need a Split and a Splice in Knowledge. Knowledge is power and nothing else.

A Split and A Splice. Work on it.

Baba Pakurdheen A

Anthropologist, Writer, Traveler, Journalist and ultimately a Simplite.

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